Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life is great

Well, this has been one crazy year. When i last posted, i was pretty much as low as could be. I wasnt sleeping or eating and have never been under more stress. To lose the man i thought i would spend the rest of my life with was something i wouldnt wish upon my worst enemy. But i picked myself up off the floor and pieced my life back together. I moved into my own place in March, and started dating again. The most unexpected thing then happened - i met the most amazing man alive. I fell instantly in love and so did he, and 7 months later we are living together and enjoying an amazing, fun relationship. I never imagined i would ever meet someone i would get along with so well. In 6 weeks im taking him home to meet my family, who are so supportive of me and have told me how they cannot wait to meet my boyfriend. as for my ex, a few months later he apologised for what he did to me and broke up with the guy he left me for. We have managed to stay good friends, with a lot of forgiveness on my part, but whats the point in staying angry? he made a mistake, a big one, but we really were best friends and i like him still being in my life. Romantically, our story is 100% over, and we both know that, and theres never any awkwardness. Hes met my new bf several times and they get along well too. Ive decided to stay in Canada to be with the man i love, but i cannot wait to go home and see my family, especially given i havnt actually seen them since i came out to them!! anyway thats the short version of the last 10 months of my life. obviously i rarely update anymore but i might do another one after my visit home.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

12 months on

Well what an amazing year its been. I left my home, my family and friends, and moved to canada. Ive travvled all over north america, visited some amazing places and had some wonderful experiences. Then it all came crashing down last week. My partner of 8.5 years broke up with me . he is in love with someone else. someone i trusted explicitly. Ive had some difficult times through my life, but now i really know what rock bottom is. no food or sleep for a week. tears after tears. emptiness.

But theres always a bright side to everything. when you hit rock bottom , u feel like u have nothing left to lose. i called my mother. came clean about everything. told my siblings. they were all great. more supportive than i could possibly have imagined. i realise now that i really had nothing to worry about. my mother understood completely. she agreed that my father would never have accepted it and understood why i had never come out.
But a massive weight is off my shoulders. Im out of the closet. finally. after all these years. no more secrets or hiding who i am. now i just have to rebuild my life from the ground up. i wont be beaten. i will survive.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Im back! and moving!

hey guys! sorry about the long time between posts. my laptop shat itself a couple of months ago. my only net access has been at work and i dont dare log in to blogger there. anyways ive borrwed a laptop for a few days so thought id jump on and give an update. i got approved for my canadian work visa. ive booked my flights and accomodation. im moving in a few weeks! its come so quick i cannot believe it. im so disorganised right now, but im sure everything will come together. im so excited, nervous, anxious, happy, so many emotions.
Christmas was good, my last one with the family for a couple of years i guess, but nothing exciting happened, i didnt come out (didnt get drunk enough lol) i will prolly only see my family one more time before i go, and then it will only be some of them, so i dont think ill be coming out to them before i leave. a lot of them insist they will be coming to canada to visit me at some point while im there, maybe ill do it n a visitor by visitor basis overseas, they'll have no choice but to accept it if they wanna stay under my roof lol
anyways, ill try and give another update either before i go or once i get to canadia. take care guys

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's all falling into place

I cant believe it. i really am moving to Canada. Ive officially applied for my Visa. should hear back in a few weeks. then will book some flights and accomodation. and off i go! im going to do a bit of travel in the US beforehand. LA and Vegas to start with, ive been both places before and loved them both so much i cant wait to go again. Cant wait to have a beer at The abbey West Hollywood, my favorite bar in LA. Then going somewhere ive never been, Chicago then New York. Then off to Toronto to start a new exciting adventure. am planning other trips to Vancouver to visit a good friend, Florida for some sunshine, and Mexico for some.. well more sunshine.
Im so bloody excited. and cant wait to quit my job. Im working way too hard, i barely get time to log onto blogger anymore.
I dont know when ill be back in Australia. I have 1 burning question. Do i come out to the rest of my family before i leave? I cant decide. I prolly wont see most of em til Xmas. Is coming out an Xmas a good idea? i dunno what im gunna do. More thinking required i think.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Im moving to Canada

Ive mentioned a few times my passion for travel. ive wanted to do a working holiday for years, and have decided its time. Ill be 30 next year and have always wanted to do it before then. Ive travelled the world but never lived overseas. As an Aussie there a few easy Working Visa options, the easiest being places like Canada or the UK. Id love to actually do it in the US, but the Visa is so hard to get i cant be bothered. I have decided, as has my bf, that we are going to do a 2 year working holiday in Canada. We are still deciding which city to live in, but at this stage we are thinking Toronto, due to its close location to the East coast USA, which we want to travel around. We have already travelled West coast USA already. I know everyone says Vancouver is the best city in Canada, but its really too far away from the area i want to be. So its probably going to be a few months before it happens. And theres gunna be a lotta shit to organise to make this happen. But im determined to do it. The Visa is for 2 years. My plan is to get there, get a job soonish, but not in any rush, hopefullly a monday-friday job, so that we can travel around on weekends. Cant wait to fly off to places like New York, Chicago, Boston etc for weekends.
Well thats my exciting news for now, ill post more about it as plans develop. The main stumbling block atm is what to do with my pussy cat, i will miss him but hopefully find a friend or family member to look after him until i return

Friday, August 20, 2010

Election day

Good morning
Its Saturday Aug 21 here, time for me to vote in our national election. I have decided to vote for the Labor party under Julia Gillard. I was tempted to vote for the green party, who are supporting gay rights, and look like getting a huge vote , maybe over 10% , but decided that Julia needs every vote she can get, because otherwise the ultra conservative opposition leader Tony Abbott might win, which will be a disaster for this country. Its been a shitty campaign, both sides have been pretty negative and uninspiring, but I always have and always will vote for a left leaning party, whether it be Labor or the Greens. I just hope the rest of the country feels the same. Tony Abbott is a homophobe and must be stopped!

in other news, i came out to my someone important the other day. my dads ex who he dated for 10 years. we stayed good friends after dad died, and are very close. ive thought about telling her for ages, and as i thought , she was very supportive. to my surprise she said she had absolutely no idea, i thought she may have suspected because she often asks how my "flatmate" is, but she really really did think we were just flatmates.

so next step i think will be my mum, just not sure when, i might not see her til christmas and dont want to do it then, so maybe early next year. one step at a time!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i need another holiday

the topic is very self explanatory. i went on a 6 week holiday only 7 months ago, but im just not satisfied. im obsessed actually. i want to travel so much it hurts. i think ive mentioned my travel passion before. ive been to the UK ,North america, South america , Malaysia, New Zealand, some pacific islands, and all round my own country too. but there are several dilemmas in the way of my future travel plans
1. the bf doesnt want to travel anymore. he wants to save for a house. very sensibile, grown up, and probably the right thing to do. but how fucking boring.
2. ive only just started a new job. its gunna take me at least 12-18months to build up enough leave entitlement to take a decent holiday.
3. where to go. i have no fucking idea. there are so many cool places in the world im dying to visit, but i dunno where to go next. my first choice is mainlandeurope. but if we do go travelling again, the bf would prefer to go back to the US and do the east coast (we did west coast last time)
4. money. im not poor, nor rich, but i have a decent job and some savings, but when i go on holidays, i like to live it up. no hostels for me. i like 4-5 star hotels thanks. and no dodgy airlines. another big holiday would probably wipe out my savings.

so it looks like im going nowhere fast. but knowing this doesnt stop my obsession. whenever i get bored at work, the first thing i do: google holiday ideas. sometimes for hours on end (yes i still get some work done too) . i think for now i might just need to book a weekend away somewhere. that will keep me happy for a little while.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gillard says no to gay marriage and my views

After a whirlwind ffirst few days as the new leader of our country , someone finally asked our new PM Julia Gillard if she or her party will support gay marriage with her as PM. She said no, which is not a surprise as she has expressed this view before. Im not disapointed in this as she is still the most gay friendly PM we have had, and i still believe she could change her stance on this, but only if there is enough public and politicial support. She stated she believed the Australian community is just not ready for gay marriage yet. Five years ago she was probably right, but recent opinion polls suggest 60% of aussies now support it, as opposed to 38% only 5 years ago. So the support for it is increasing year by year, and i do think its only a matter of time before it happens, assuming of course the Liberal party does not get re-elected anytime soon.
So what do i think of gay marriage? Personally, its not a huge issue for myself, because i dont think i would get married even if it was legal. My partner and i are very happy with things as they are and dont need some ceremony or certificate to prove anything. But i do wish it to be legalized, because i believe we should have the same rights as straight people in all things, and the choice to get married if we want it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

political upheaval

Well it been a massive day here in Australia. Imagine in the US if Barack Obama was told by the Democrat party that they no longer want him to be president , and they want Joe Biden to replace him effective immediately. Well, thats what happened here today. Today, Kevin Rudd, of the Labor Party, our Prime Minister for the last 2.5 years, resigned as PM , and was replaced by the Deputy PM, Julia Gillard, who has now become our first female PM.
Im not too sure what to think about this. I dont like the way that its happened. But im a Labor party voter, and always will be.
in November 2007, after 11 years of awfulness under the Liberal Party led by conservative dickface John Howard, Kevin Rudd swept to power in an electoral landslide, similar to what Obama achieved in the US after 8 years of Bush.
Unfortunately Rudd's mega high popularity of the last 2 years has nosedived in the last 6 months. with the next election due to be held sometime later this year, the Labor party felt that had no choice but to replace him. I think they panicked, and i think he still would have won the next election. When it comes down to it, i dont think ppl will vote for the oppoisition, lead by the psychotic twit , Tony abbott.
I think its great that we have a woman as PM, but its pointless if she cant do the job. Hopefully she can. If the liberal party under Abbott somehow wins the next election, the gay rights here will take another backward step. Rudd has been pretty good for gay rights, he has pretty much given equal everything except marriage/adoption/IVF. Gillard shares the same views on gay rights as he does. I even believe she could be convinced to allow a vote on gay marriage, which the majority of australians now support, as do a lot of labor party members.
Tony Abbots response to homosexuals is that " he finds them a bit threatening" . hes an ignorant, extremely right wing douchebag. just like his predecessor, the dis-honourable John Howard, who not only did not progress gay rights during his reign, he actually regressed them , whilst the rest of the world was doing otherwise.
If Abbott wins, i think ill leave the country. seriously. so go Julia. Our first female PM.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

gay jokes... to laugh or not

ok i have a pretty good sense of humour i think
i have no problem at all with gay jokes generally, as long as theyre funny or dont overly ridicule us , or they come from another gay person or a close friend.
i was in a social situation the other day where i got told a gay joke by someone who doesnt know about me, and i also dont know them very well. the joke was told after australia got walloped 4-0 by germany in the soccer world cup.
the joke was about a little boy in class whos teacher asked him what his daddy does. the little boy replied his daddy was gay and strips in gay bars and sleeps with men for money. after class the teacher asked him if that was true, to which the little boy replied "no, he plays soccer for australia, but i was too embarresed to tell the truth"

ok its kinda funny really, if ur american i guess replace "australian soccer team" with something like "new jersey nets" , and it might be kinda funny to you as well.what does anyone else think? not just about this joke but gay jokes generally?
i really didnt like it at the time, coming from a straight person whom i dont know very well.
its like a white person telling a racist joke to a black person i reckon.

besides that , things r ok, no big news :)